Discover with me the beautiful harmony between my hands and my subconscious when I stop thinking. A collection of Abstract Digital painting.

Choose between the Original, a Limited Edition or an Open Edition. See below what is available for this artwork.

All physical artwork is:

  • Protected by one or more layers of varnish.
  • Signed and identified.
  • Well packed to protect them during delivery.

SKU: MCA202302B

Premium Papers for Printing

Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper, Matte
Elevate your art prints with the exceptional quality of Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper. This 100% cotton hot press paper boasts an ultra-smooth matte finish, ensuring your artwork is rendered with incredible precision and detail. With a substantial weight of 250 gsm, it provides a luxurious, professional feel. The paper’s acid-free and lignin-free composition guarantees your prints will remain vibrant and unblemished for years to come. This paper is perfect for fine art photography, high-quality art reproductions, giclée, archival prints, and gallery exhibitions.

Epson Hot Press Bright Matte
Achieve stunning, vivid prints with Epson Hot Press Bright Matte paper. This premium 100% cotton paper features a bright white base and an ultra-smooth matte finish, ideal for high-contrast and detailed prints. At 330 gsm, it offers a sturdy, professional weight that enhances the presentation of your artwork. Acid-free and lignin-free, this paper ensures the longevity of your prints, maintaining their brilliance over time. It is perfect for professional photo prints, giclée, archival print, gallery exhibitions, fine art reproductions, high-contrast black and white photography, and detailed illustrations and graphics.

Canon Photo Matte
For versatile, high-quality art prints, Canon Photo Matte paper is an excellent choice. With a weight of 170 gsm, it is lighter and more manageable, perfect for a variety of creative projects. The matte finish eliminates glare, providing clear and vibrant prints. Compatible with both dye and pigment inks, this paper ensures your artwork is vividly brought to life with sharp details and rich colors. It is perfect for everyday photo printing, creative projects and scrapbooking, presentations and displays, as well as educational and instructional materials.

Why Choose These Papers?
As a fine art artist dedicated to painting, printing, and even folding paper, I understand the importance of choosing the right paper for my creations. My selection of Epson and Canon papers is tailored to meet the diverse needs of art lovers. Each paper type offers unique benefits, enhancing the quality and longevity of my artworks. From the luxurious feel of Epson UltraSmooth Fine Art Paper to the vibrant versatility of Canon Photo Matte, these options allow me to bring my artistic vision to life with exceptional detail and durability. Choose the perfect paper to experience the depth and beauty of my meticulously crafted art.

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