Explore the captivating digital painting titled “Pourquoi?” by a self-taught artist. This abstract artwork bursts with the vibrancy of rainbow colors, each brushstroke a testament to instinctive creativity. Delve into the artist’s journey of self-expression and artistic exploration as they invite you to discover the beauty of spontaneity and the depth of personal introspection. Immerse yourself in the intricate layers of this digital masterpiece and experience the profound connection between art and emotion.

Discover with me the beautiful harmony between my hands and my subconscious when I stop thinking. A collection of Abstract Digital painting.

Choose between the Original, a Limited Edition or an Open Edition. See below what is available for this artwork.

All physical artwork is:

  • Protected by one or more layers of varnish.
  • Signed and identified.
  • Well packed to protect them during delivery.