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Pretty Vitiligo


Why did you create Pretty Vitiligo?

To show people’s natural beauty.

Why draw so many skin colors?

In order to represent the maximum skin color of people around the world! We are all equal, I hope this collection will convince you!

Why ​​did you choose to draw Vitiligo?

It was my art that decided that… and I loved it! I found this really beautiful and unique… This concept took 4 years to develop… at first it was a charcoal drawing of an African warrior… and over time it became , a vector drawing of all nationalities all around the world!

What’s beautiful about an autoimmune disease?

Beauty is in the naturalness of people, regardless of their skin color, their difference, their marks, or their age… we are all beautiful just the way we are!
I hope to make as many people as possible aware of this collection!

Vitiligo is not only for black people?

NO! This is a very common myth… Any skin color can have Vitiligo. This autoimmune disease has no skin color, nationality or culture preference!

This collection is really fun and colorful, why didn’t you choose to make it more neutral, serious?

Raising awareness can be fun. I had a lot of fun choosing the artworks for this collection.

Aren’t these computer-generated? Why did you select particular NFTs?

Yes, they are computer-generated under different criteria. Some were rejected because of several reasons, like the lack of contrast in the final result, were just not a good match artistically!

You said we are all beautiful the way we are. Why not keep everything?

Because some mixes did not give good results… mainly because of the colors and the tone on tone… This is still art: If the result is not attractive, it will not sell so those were rejected. Don’t worry, we didn’t reject many!

Why men and women?

Simply because it is possible and natural! For the main collection, the software was fed with the % rarity of each sex, according to the world statistics of 2022!!! For all the scientific people reading this, randomization ended up tipping the scale in favor of men. Gentlemen, you won this one by 1.7% more than in the real world!

Who are the people drawn in the Pretty Vitiligo Special-Edition collection?

Mainly Vitiligo influencers. I drew them and also gave them the final NFT drawing.

Do you sell the Special-Edition designs?

They are not mine, each Special-Edition subject is the sole owner of its NFT. Each of them can sell their own NFT if they wish.